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Clinical evidences

PMBL in prevention of URTI

The clinical trial performed by Macchi demonstrated a significant reduction of number of URTI in patients treated with PMBL (-57%) as compared to patients treated with Chemical lysates or control group. This was noticed during treatment period and follow-up. Additionally, the need to use antibiotics was nil with patients treated with PMBL as compared to those treated with chemical lysates.

Number of patients requiring antibiotic treatment

Open comparative, randomized controlled clinical study of a new immunostimulating bacterial lysate in the prophylaxis of upper respiratory tract infections.
2005, A. Macchi & al.

Study design

  • RCT with one comparative arm to chemical lysate
  • Study duration: 6 months
  • 114 patients with a case history of 4 episodes per year, randomized in 3 groups
  • Treatment regiment for PMBL: daily administration of Ismigen for 10 consecutive days X3 months and for CLBL: one capsule of CLBL for 10 consecutive days X3 months.
  • 3 months up treatment, 3 months follow up