Lallemand Pharma


Lallemand Pharma offers to its network of pharmaceutical partners a drug, PMBL ® sublingual tablets and two ranges of medical devices, the nasal spray lines Healsea® bag on valve technology and Healsea® manual spray pump.

PMBL® sublingual tablets are made out of unique active substance of bacterial lysate obtained by mechanical lysis. PMBL® based drugs are indicated in the prevention of recurrent respiratory tract infections.

Healsea® nasal sprays all contain the active substance Symbiofilm®, an exopolymeric ingredient that slows down the turn over of pathogenic bacteria biofilm and prevents the attachment of respiratory viruses on nasal mucosa.
The indication of the different formulations range from treatment of nasal symptoms of acute respiratory tract infections up to treatment of nasal symptoms of Chronic Rhinosinusitis depending on the concentration in Symbiofilm®