Lallemand Pharma

About us

Lallemand Pharma AG, based in Massagno (Switzerland) is a company dedicated to the development and commercialization of respiratory products having the status of drug or medical device.

Since 2007, Lallemand Pharma markets drugs containing as an active principle, a bacterial lysate called PMBL®. Products are sold in several countries under different brands Ismigen®, Immubron®, Respibron® and PIR-05®. PMBL based products are Rx products indicated in the prevention and treatment of recurrent respiratory tract infections.

In 2018, Lallemand Pharma started to develop a line of nasal sprays also aiming at respiratory conditions.

All nasal sprays contain an active ingredient called Symbiofilm®.Symbiofilm® is an exoplymeric substance able to slow down the turnover of the biofilm built by most of the pathogenic bacteria having a respiratory tropism. Symbiofilm® also reduces the attachment of respiratory viruses on the nasal mucosa.

The line of nasal sprays is called Healsea® and can be proposed either with a bag on valve technology or with manual spray pump. Both lines obtained their CE marking allowing commercialization all over Europe in April 2021.