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Clinical evidences

PMBL in prevention of LRTI

The clinical trial performed by Rossi demonstrated a significant reduction of number of LRTI in patients treated with PMBL as compared to patients treated with Chemical lysates or control group. This was noticed during treatment period and follow-up. Additionally, the need to use antibiotics was less with patients treated with PMBL as compared to those treated with chemical lysates.

Pourcentage of patients with a least one LRTI

Pourcentage of patients with LRTI treated with antibiotics

Efficacy and safety of a new immunostimulating bacterial lysate in the prophylaxis of acute lower respiratory tract infections.
2004, S. Rossi & al.

Study design

  • RCT with one comparative arm to chemical lysate
  • Study duration: 6 months
  • 69 patients with a case history of 4 episodes per year, randomized in 3 groups
  • Treatment regiment for PMBL: daily administration of Ismigen for 10 consecutive days X3 months and for CLBL: one capsule of CLBL for 10 consecutive days X3 months.
  • 3 months up treatment, 3 months follow up