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Clinical evidences

PMBL in prevention of Respiratory infections in Children

The clinical trial performed by Aksic demonstrated a significant reduction of number of infections in children treated with PMBL (-54%) as compared to the placebo and as well a reduction of the school absenteism (-49.7%).

Number of episodes of infections

School absenteism

Evaluation of the clinical efficacy of a new polyvalent bacterial lysate obtained by mechanical lysis (PMBL) in a population of 180 school- aged children with recurrent respiratory infections.
2005, M. Aksic & al.

Study design

  • RCT with one comparative arm to chemical lysate
  • Study duration: 7 months
  • 180 children aged from 5 to 10 with at least 4 episodes last year, randomized in 2 groups
  • Treatment regiment: daily administration of Ismigen for 10 consecutive days X3 months
  • 3 months up treatment, 4 months follow up