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Clinical evidences

PMBL in prevention of acute exacerbations in COPD patients

The clinical trial performed by Cazzola demonstrated a significant reduction of both, number and duration of AECOPD. The duration was 15.8 days in the placebo group while it was reduced to 10.6 days in the PMBL group. The reduction was significant (-33%).

Effect of PMBL on the number of days of hospitalization in COPD patients

A new bacterial lysate protects by reducing infectious exacerbations in moderate to very severe COPD.
2006 – M. Cazzola & al.

Study design

  • Placebo controlled randomized trial
  • Study duration: 12 months
  • 178 patients with moderate – very severe COPD, randomized in 2 groups
  • Treatment regiment: daily administration of Ismigen for 10 consecutive days X3 months
  • 3 months up treatment, 9 months follow up