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Bacterial lysates are mixtures of bacterial antigens derived either from single or multiple strains of inactivated pathogenic bacteria. The principle of bacterial lysates is to trigger immune surveillance and to up-regulate immune defences to prevent and help fight infections. Bacterial lysates are sometimes referred to as ‘oral vaccines’.

Based on the method used for cellular lysis, two distinct types of bacterial lysates are defined: chemical lysates obtained by the action of chemical alkaline substances (PCBL, for polyvalent chemical bacterial lysates) and mechanical lysates obtained by increased pressure (PMBL for polyvalent mechanical bacterial lysates).


PMBL is a mixture of antigens derived from 13 strains of inactivated pathogenic bacteria, which is the reason why it is called Polyvalent. The 13 strains used in PMBL are typically the most commonly occurring pathogens of the upper and lower respiratory tract.

Each bacterial strain is grown independently, harvested, inactivated and lysed using unique LALLEMAND’s mechanical lysis process in order to obtain the antigens.

This original process of mechanical lysis allows preserving the antigens structure, and especially the particulate antigens. It confers to PMBL a higher immunogenicity as compared to chemical bacterial lysates, which has been demonstrated both in vivo and in clinical trials.

PMBL tablets is distributed under different brandnames depending on the country of distribution (Ismigen®, Immubron®, Respibron®, PIR-05®, Pulmigen®…).