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Thanks to its unique mode of action, PMBL is able to act both on innate (thanks to stimulation and maturation of dendritic cells, Natural Killer cells and Granulocytes…) and adaptive (thanks to specific stimulation of T and B lymphocytes and secretion of targeted antibodies) immunity. In fact PMBL is a two in one immunostimulating agent offering a broaden prophylaxis against respiratory infections.


1. Sampling of antigens contained in PMBLTM tablets at the level of oral mucosa by dendritic cells.
2. Maturation, activation and migration of the dendritic cells to the cervical lymph node and secondary
lymphoid organs.
3. Presentation of the antigens by the dendritic cells to the T lymphocytes, and secretion of pro-inflammatory
cytokines by dendritic cells. Activated dendritic cells allow proliferation of polyclonal NK cells.
4. Differentiation and increase of T helper cells allowing switch of B lymphocytes to plasma cells.
5. Increase of early Memory B cells.
6. Production of specific polyclonal immunoglobulins (IgA, IgG and IgM) by plasma cells.
7. Circulation into the blood of the immune-competent cells (T helper, plasma cells, NK cells) and
8. Secretion of polyclonal secretory IgA at the level of upper and lower respiratory mucosa.
9. Phagocytosis of bacteria by granulocytes thanks to opsonizing immunoglobulins and destruction of
viral infected cells by NK cells.