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The Lallemand’s Mechanical Lysis process allows offering highly immunostimulating antigens. This unique process of lysis guarantees the preservation of the antigenic structure which is a key point in the triggering of the immune cascade.

Either in clinical studies or in vitro, antigens present in PMBL are 10-100 times more efficient than in the other bacterial lysates.

The sublingual route of administration allows a direct contact of the antigens with the mucosal immunocytes of the mouth and the pharynx, inducing a loco-regional activation of the immune system. It also offers better immune surveillance along the mucosal barrier, since circulating memory cells preferentially return to the area of first encounter with the antigen.

It has been demonstrated that the sublingual mucosa contains a high number of dendritic cells, which explain the high T cell answer observed after treatment. And finally, the sublingual route allows increasing the level of salivary IgA which acts as a first line of defense in preventing respiratory infections.

Thanks to its dual mode of action on innate and adaptive immunity, PMBL treatment may be effective in preventing respiratory tract infections against bacterial and viral respiratory infections.