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The role of PMBL in pediatric patients and allergies discussed with Georgian practitioners

Oct 27, 2016

Late September 2016, our partner in Georgia, GM Pharmaceuticals, hold a medical conference dedicated to bacterial lysates applications in Tbilissi. This event attracted around 200 practitioners, mainly GPs, pediatricians and allergists. Professor Giovanni Melioli, from the Department of Internal Medicine, University of Genova, Italy, was invited to present the effects and benefits of PMBL. He stressed in particular the issue of antibiotic resistance and importance of a preventive approach in respiratory health, reviewing scientific data on PMBL modes of action at immune level and clinical results in the management of respiratory health. His lecture was followed by presentations from local experts. Pr. Ivane Chkhaidze, from Tbilisi State Medical University, focused on the role of PMBL in the prophylaxis of respiratory tract infections in pediatric patients. Prof. Maia Gotua, Director of the Center of Allergy and Immunology in Georgia, presented bacterial lysates’ application in the allergist’s practice.