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Sharing European Experience of PMBL use in COPD management with Russian experts

Nov 25, 2016

On 21st October 2016, Prof. Mario Cazzola, from the Department of Systems Medicine University of Rome Tor Vergata, Italy, shared “The European experience of treatment and prevention of COPD exacerbations” with Russian pulmonologists and therapists at the XXV National Congress on respiratory diseases of the Russian Respiratory Society, in Moscow. During a seminar chaired by Professor S. Avdeev, associate director of Institute of pulmonology titled: “Treatment and prevention of exacerbations of COPD. Opinion of the international experts”, Prof. Cazzola discussed state of play of COPD exacerbations: causes, consequences and management practices. He then introduced the rationale for using bacterial lysates as immunostimulants, based on latest clinical trials and review of their modes of action. He concluded on the place of PMBL within therapeutic recommendations to reduce exacerbation risk in COPD based on patient exacerbation phenotype. A debating club featuring Russian opinion leaders and medical doctors was also organized around the same theme on October 20th.

The XXV National Congress of the Respiratory Diseases was held on 18-21 October 2016 in Moscow, Russia, Europe Square, Building 2 , Business center “Radisson Slavyanskaya”

The congress was organized by the Russian Respiratory Society, this event is held annually and  is one of the most significant medical events of the country. More than 2000 doctors of different specialties participated in the Congress.

Congress program included an overview of the following Diseases: Interstitial lung disease and respiratory infection, pulmonary hypertension, asthma and COPD, genetically determined disease, tuberculosis, as well as some issues of thoracic surgery, epidemiology and quality of life, anti-smoking programs…