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Respire Inspire Newsletter – Fifth edition : Spring Allergies

Jun 18, 2020

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During spring, we believe to be clear from respiratory tracts infections, while they are still present,  airborne pollen and others allergens exposure are also blooming inducing allergic and asthma reaction.

Seasonal rhinitis, triggered by allergens is a chronic disease which can affect people’s quality of life as well as be responsible of asthma crisis.

Inflammatory responses caused by these infections lead to a more fragile nasal mucosa. That is the reason why preventing potential infections can limit the exacerbations of respiratory tract, and by consequence to breathe better.

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Lallemand Pharma is proud to announce the implementation of its Quality Management System (QMS) according ISO 13485. In such frame, we propose you to discover through an interview the role and stakes of a Quality manager in pharmaceutical industry.

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