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Respire Inspire Lallemand Pharma newsletter 05 – Expertise

Jun 18, 2020

This month, we speak to Yannick Hervy, Regulatory Affairs and QA Manager of Lallemand Pharma to find out more about the role of Quality Manager.

What was your professional background to get to this position in Lallemand Pharma team?

Y.Hervy : “I started in Regulatory affairs in pharmaceutical veterinary companies first on production site closed to GMP requirement and then I continue in Global Regulatory affairs. When I started in Lallemand pharma I started as regulatory affairs manager but managing a lot of technical aspects as we were only two at the beginning with our general manager. Naturally my position evolve in regulatory affairs sand quality manager.”

What are your mainly activities and missions?

Y.Hervy : “As Quality manager the main activity is to insure that our company has the correct level of management in term of quality related to its activity. I need to guarantee the compliance of our company and our work with all applicable regulations and norms.”

Why is the role of a Quality Manager important in health industry?

Y.Hervy : “More than the role of the Quality manager what is important is the independence of the quality position from the rest of the activity of the companies and especially the production. In that sense and by reporting directly to the general management it insures the impartiality of the quality activity and the correct application of the regulations and norms. Moreover the quality is the activity which is indeed supporting all level of a company and all departments. It is applicable to all and it is the affair of everybody.”

What qualities and skills are needed to manage this responsibilities and achieve objectives?

Y.Hervy : “The quality manager needs first of all to be well organized and structures in its work. It needs to adapt to all partners in the company and be able to adapt the support to all needs thus be flexible and proposed tailor made solution depending on each department. Be rigorous in the application of the regulations and norms but above all objective and relevant on the application of the regulation and norms in order that it can be compatible with the life and activity of the company. The quality manager must always keep in mind that the first goal is to increase the performance and efficiency of the company and not to slow it down by too much procedures.”

For you, what’s ideal recruitment profile for the post of Quality Manager?

Y.Hervy : “I’m not sure if we can speak about an ideal profile, but for sure according me the main of the quality manager is when he/she makes more quality than necessary.”

What makes your position rewarding?

Y.Hervy : “To succeed to bring everybody on board with the use of the quality system. At the end the quality even if at first sight seems to be quite boring and laborious is indeed a real human experience when it comes to apply it to a full company.”