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Respire Inspire Lallemand Pharma newsletter 02 – Market

Jul 11, 2019

Russian TV commercial :

Stada distributes Ismigen® in Russia and recently launched a new TV campaign featuring renown actress Olga Kuzmina.

Ms Kuzmina plays the role of a working mother whose child often gets colds. In the commercial, she must go and pick him up from school because he is sick again, before her husband and then herself find themselves caught by the same cold virus. The video ends with the mum healthy again recommending Ismigen® to everyone.


Pr Ferlazzo and Pr Di Perri review : Mucosal immunity in the infections of the airways

In this review, supplement of Clinical Perspectives in Respiratory Medicine, Pr Guido Ferlazzo (Professor of General Pathology and Immunology – University of Messina, Italy) shared his latest discoveries on bacterial lysates, more specifically PMBL® (Polyvalent Mechanical Bacterial Lysates), and its action on the reinforcement of the airway epithelial barrier. He also precised that the mode of administration of bacterial lysates was an important factor in the enhancement of protective role of epithelium: « In fact, only one locoregional administration, such as sublingual or intranasal, will involve a valid activation of the mechanisms protective here proposed »

In parallel, Pr Giovanni Di Perri (Professor of Infectious diseases, University of Turin, Italy), warned about the antimicrobial resistance emergency, and how there is a sharing of responsibilities at the different level of care. Some new therapeutic approaches shall be evaluated, such as prophylactic measures that could improve the overall profile of infections management. Pr Di Perri also presented his point of view, on the rationale for use bacterial lysates, and more specifically PMBL® , within the overall management process of airway infections, which could result in a reduction of antibiotic consumption. He also concluded: “This not only with a view to less resorting to antibiotic therapy, but also in consideration of how PMBL® can now affect the prevention of even a single infectious episode affecting the airways in the economy of a precarious balance in which many of the patients find themselves in old age and / or with multiple chronic comorbidities.”

You can access the review by following the link:


Dr Cho’s new book –  God of immunity:

In this excerpt, Dr Cho (Professor of CHA University Hospital, Korea) explains how Ismigen®, a sublingual immunomodulator can enhance secretory IgA, allowing to prevent respiratory tract infections. He also hypothesized that such medicine could help to prevent respiratory related diseases from PM2.5, air particles less than 2.5 µm pollution, which is an important health concern in Korea.


Forthcoming distributor events :

Below is the schedule of our forthcoming distributor events from August to October 2019 :