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Respiratory Health

Nasal Hygiene should be an important part of your daily routine, as the nose it’s your first line of defense against upper respiratory tract infections and allergies.

If you think that your nose is just for breathing, you may believe that this kind of habit could be just a vanity but it’s not.

What is Nasal Hygiene and is it a good habit?

The true nasal hygiene is the practice of keeping your nostrils and sinuses clean and moisturized.

Keeping your nose clean participates to the improvement of your defenses against cold, rhinopharyngitis and hayfever.

It is a highly effective filter to your body, filtering over 15000 litres of air a day, doing its best to filter out dust, pollution and allergens looking to enter into your body through your nasal passages.

The tiny hairs called cilia can trap these intruders and carry them away to the back of your throat before they have a chance to adhere to your nasal mucosa and multiply.

If the inside of your nose is dry or clogged, it cannot be efficient in keeping you healthy.

Having the habit of keeping your nose clean and moisturized can help defending against the airborn contaminants you breath in.

It helps to prevent the symptoms and reduces the risk of further problems.

Besides, pathogenic Bacteria and viruses that are responsible for upper respiratory tract infections are most of the time embedded in a protective shelter called biofilm.

Biofilm adheres to your nasal mucosa and offers an ideal protection to these “nasty” microorganisms against cells and molecules of your immune system.

So nasal hygiene is truly an important part of your daily routine and moreover using a product efficacious against the biofilm would be a better choice.