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Italian Society of General Medicine SMIG Congress – November 28th to 30th 2019

Dec 3, 2019

In the frame of the SIMG congress, Pr Giovanni Di Perri (Professor of Infectious diseases, University of Turin, Italy) gave a lecture on November 28th during the session “Management of respiratory infections” titled “Respiratory infections: can we prevent them? How?” moderated by Pr Guido Ferlazzo (Professor of General Immunology and Pathology, University of Messina, Italy).

Respiratory infections are responsible for 20% of medical visits to general practitioners and generate more than 75% of prescriptions of antibiotics.

Thus, the presentation of Pr Giovanni Di Perri, emphasized on the needs to prevent respiratory infections at all age level, in order to reduce the antibiotic usage during acute episodes. Prophylactic measures such as flu and pneumococcal vaccines have demonstrated efficient protection, as example, 75% of elderly are protected from invasive pneumococcal disease while receiving adequate conjugate pneumococcal vaccination.

Furthermore, Pr Di Perri presented the role of bacterial lysates, and more especially of polyvalent mechanical bacterial lysate, PMBL in the prophylaxis of respiratory infections, with demonstrated mode of action at 3 stages:·

  • Activation of systemic immune response (vaccine-like)
  • Increase of the production of specific secretory  IgA (action at the level of respiratory mucosa)
  • Action on the natural barrier of respiratory mucosal epithelium (physical, chemical and microbiological)

Lallemand Pharma thanks warmly Pr Giovanni Di Perri and Pr Guido Ferlazzo for spreading their science and expertise around 300 physicians who attended to the lecture.

Zambon, Lallemand Pharma’s partner in Italy, had also a booth to welcome and answer the questions of more than 3000 physicians attending the congress.