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The XXIV National Conference of Allergists, Pulmonologists and Clinical Immunologists

Sep 11, 2023

The  XXIV National Conference of Allergists, Pulmonologists and Clinical Immunologists took place in Lublin, Poland from the 8th to the 9th of September.

This year the main objectives, have been to take  a closer look at the latest diagnostic and therapeutic algorithms in bronchial asthma, new GINA and GOLD guidelines, new issues related to allergen immunotherapy and bacterial lysates, molecular diagnostics, RS virus infections or StethoMe electronic handset. There will also be novelties in aerosol therapy of respiratory diseases, allergic rhinitis therapy and lung ultrasound.

In the frame of the Congress Pr prof. dr hab. n. med. Andrzej Emeryk  (Department of Children’s Lung Diseases and Rheumatology in Lublin, Poland) delivered a lecture about “Probiotics and postbiotics in respiratory tract infection and allergic rhinitis” in which illustrated the latest results of the clinical trial “Symbiofilm-TAK” – an observational study assessing the impact of adding Healsea  isotonic nasal spray to conventional therapies for the care of IgE-dependent allergic children with symptoms of acute infections rhinitis.


The hypothesis of the study was Healsea isotonic nasal spray used on top of conventional therapies for common could have improved symptoms more efficiently and without any safety concerns. Results showed  a superior efficacy of Healsea isotonic nasal spray as add-on treatment to SOC for common cold  Significant reduction of the total WURSS-K (Wisconsin Upper Respiratory Symptom Survey- Kids) over 10 days in the Healsea isotonic  group as compared to conventional therapies and a significant less frequent intake of common cold medication (and with shorter duration) in the Healsea  group (overall, antibiotics, decongestants, nasal/inhaled corticosteroids). 

Demonstrated also an excellent safety profile of Healsea nasal spray in a population of young allergic subjects.