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Continuing Medical Education Event – Turin, Italy

Sep 12, 2019

Do you know that respiratory tract infections are the most common infectious diseases and the main reason of consultations with general practitioners?

Family doctors are daily managing patients affected by respiratory infections, and have to take care of more and more patients with multiple comorbidities requiring quick and correct decisions. That’s why, prophylaxis shall be regarded as a part of the therapeutic arsenal in respiratory infections.

Our Italian partner, Zambon, will organize a Continuing Medical Education (CME) Event about “the prophylaxis and treatment of respiratory infections” in Turin, Italy, on September 14th 2019 intended for doctors specialized in General  or internal medicine, diseases of the respiratory system, allergy or emergency.

This event will be in collaboration with two experts in infectious diseases and immunology of Lallemand Pharma: Pr G.Di Perri (Professor of Infectious diseases, University of Turin, Italy) and Pr G.Ferlazzo (Professor of General Immunology and Pathology – University of Messina, Italy).