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38th Italian Society of General Medicine Congress, Italy

Nov 16, 2021

The 38th Italian Society of General Medicine Congress (SIMG) will virtually take place from November, the 27th 2021 to March the 31st, 2022 and represent the main italian medical congress for general practitioners. The ambitious theme of 2021 year is “Projects of re-birth and re-start for the General Medicine”.

In the frame of this congress, Pr Giovanni Di Perri (Professor of Infectious diseases, University of Turin, Italy) will deliver a video training “PREVENZIONE DELLE INFEZIONI DELLE VIE RESPIRATORIE: IL PARERE DELL’ESPERTO» (prevention of respiratory track infection: the expert opinion).

Lallemand Pharma is pleased to support as sponsor the spread the scientific knowledge within general practioners community about the prevention of respiratory infections.

Discover more information about the SIMG congress as scientific program on the website