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Respire Inspire Lallemand Pharma newsletter 03 – Market

Дек 19, 2019

Feedback from Continuing Medical Education (CME) events:

The Continuing Medical Education events (CME), supported by Zambon, were in collaboration with two experts in infectious diseases and immunology of Lallemand Pharma: Pr G.Di Perri (Professor of Infectious diseases, University of Turin, Italy) and Pr G.Ferlazzo (Professor of General Immunology and Pathology, University of Messina, Italy).

Over 40 General Practitioners (GPs), specialized in General or internal medicine, diseases of the respiratory system, allergy or emergency with high potential for therapy prophylaxis, attended each session in Italy. A total of 9 sessions in medium-size cities have been organized: Torino, Catania, Brescia, Lecce, Padova, Lago d’Orta, Genova, Sabaudia and Como.  The overall feedback has been overwhelmingly positive. GPs praised the interactivity and the openness to questions relating in particular to the safety of bacterial lysates and their effectiveness, the association and the possible interaction with the flu vaccine, and were reassured by the clinical evidences presented.

One attendee commented “In an era where antibiotic resistance increases and new antibiotics are scarce, a preventive tool such as PMBL may be an even more topical tool than yesterday in the management of patients with recurrent respiratory infections.”

GPs praised Pr. Di Perri and Pr Ferlazzo for being very educational, very clear and able to involve the participants, with many interesting questions and answers.


Pr K.P.Janeczek’s presentation of PMBL in Poland :

Pr K.P.Janeczek’s (Department of Children’s Lung Diseases and Rheumatology, Lublin, Poland) gave a lecture about “Polyvalent Mechanical Bacterial Lysate administration improved the clinical course of pollen-induced allergic rhinitis in children” in Kazimierz, Poland, on September 7th 2019.

His presentation created a lot of interest and positive impact on polyvalent mechanical bacterial lysate among Polish immunology experts. A new article will be published soon.


Partnership in Mexico:

Lallemand Pharma is proud to have renewed their licensing distribution with Merck in Mexico in June 2019, after a successful collaboration started in 2010.


Our distributor events:

Below is the schedule of our distributor events done in November and December 2019: