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New mechanism of action of PMBL

Май 15, 2018

Airway epithelium represents the first point of contact for inhaled foreign micro-organisms, which in turn can invade the underlying tissues.

According to the article published recently in the International Journal on Immunorehabilitation, it has been demonstrated that polyvalent mechanical bacterial lysate (PMBL) can elicit an efficient innate immune response at the level of airway epithelium by reinforcing the cell-cell junction. Furthermore, the direct recognition of PMBL by airway cells, allows significant cell proliferation.

Thus this new PMBL mechanism of action allows not only the prevention of invasion by pathogens, by strengthening the airway mucosal barrier, but also the regeneration and maintenance of its integrity.

The multiple benefits of PMBL have been widely demonstrated in the prevention of respiratory infections, these latter results could open wider applications in the control of inflammatory respiratory diseases, such as chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) and asthma.


Sidoti G et al. (2018). New insights into the mechanism of action of mechanical bacterial lysates in the treatment of respiratory tract diseases. International Journal on Immunorehabilitation. 20(1), 17-20