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World no tobacco day – May 31th 2020

May 29, 2020

Every 31 May since 1987, World Health Organization (WHO) celebrates World no tobacco day. This day aims to raise people on tobacco and to highlight a worldwide concern about it.

Tobacco has harmful and deadly effect, it kills 8 millions of people each year. Despite this negative effect Tobacco industries targeted a new generation of consumers, the young people. World Health Organization, in the aim to protect the young generation and prevent them from tobacco use decided to launch a counter-marketing campaign to debunk myths and expose devious tactics employed by those industries.

Nowadays, Tobacco industries tactics to attract young generation are numerous; by adding attractive flavors in the cigarettes, using social media influencers, sponsoring events and parties to recruit them. It’s outmost necessary to inform the young generation of consequences of tobacco use.

WHO through this day call to action presenting knowledge to detect tobacco industry tactics and give many advices to fight them. We encourage everyone to become educated, spread awareness and create a tobacco-free new generation to avoid death and disease due to the consumption of tobacco.