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World Health Day (WHO) – April 7th 2020

Abr 7, 2020

The April 7th of each year marks the “World health day”. From its inception at the first Health assembly in 1948 and since taking effect in 1950, this day has aimed to create awareness of a specific health topic to highlight an area of concern for the World Health Organization. The celebration is marked by activities which extend beyond the day allowing to focus worldwide attention on these aspect of global health.

This year, Nurses and midwives are pride of place. We celebrate their works, and in particular in this actual context during which they play an essential role through their response to face up Covid19 diseases pandemic, providing at the illness high quality, respectful of care and treatment, leading dialogue with patients and health community for questions, and encouraging trusting relationship.

Support nurses and midwives, be grateful, thanks them! It’s essential to help them at our level all along of their missions, now and in the future.

Each profession allow to make progress,

Let’s progress together for everyone’s health,

A big thank you to you, Nurses, midwifes and health workers for your courage!