Watch out these bugs this winter

We have seen in a previous article (Why do we catch cold and flu during winter? ) why winter is a higher risk period for respiratory tract infections, let’s see… Read more

Why do we catch cold and flu during winter?

Wintertime is usually associated with increased risks of upper and lower respiratory tract infections: Most respiratory viruses, including rhinoviruses and influenza show a peak in winter, especially in children (1) Upper… Read more

Launch of ISMIGEN® in South Korea by Schumitt Health

December 11, 2017- Massagno, Switzerland — We are pleased to announce that our Pharma partner Schumitt Health Korea LLC has launched Lallemand Pharma’s immuno-modulating drug PMBL® under tradename ISMIGEN® in… Read more

Respiratory tract infections in children: prevention is better than cure

It appears that acute respiratory infections are responsible for the largest number of antibiotic prescriptions. Children are even more likely than adults to receive antibiotic prescription. It has been estimated… Read more

Back to school time! Respiratory infections are back too…

As days are getting shorter, colder, children are about to spend more time in crowded nurseries or classrooms… and are at higher risks of respiratory tract infections. Why? Spending more… Read more

Summer viruses on the radar

Viruses are often associated with acute respiratory infections, for example, in the summer, rhinoviruses are the most common causes of acute respiratory infections. A comprehensive review of epidemiology studies shows… Read more

What is the risk of respiratory bacterial infections in the summer?

Bacteria account for up to 25% of upper respiratory tract infections, they are also responsible for otitis. Their presence in summer should not be neglected, and certain bacteria have even… Read more

Risks of respiratory tract infections are not limited to wintertime!

Seasonality is a well-known phenomenon in public health. Climatic changes (temperature, humidity, precipitation) can affect the development and transmission of certain pathogens. They also influence life style and behaviors, which… Read more

Join the Boostic Boy movement!

Play while you wait….Discover Boostic Boy, a mobile game developped by Lallemand Pharma to help improve patients experience in the waiting room. Ready, Steady, Let’s play! and;

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Lallemand Pharma is pleased to launch its LinkedIn showcase page, a place where we will be sharing news and events about respiratory health with professionals from around the world.